A row of antique carousel ornaments are displayed in the newly-renovated museum space.

Willamette Valley Grant Program

Budget: $78,695

Grant Initiatives

Applicants needed to align with the following key initiatives:

  • Maximize the economic return on public and private investments in Willamette Valley.
  • Drive off/shoulder season-oriented travel from the Willamette Valley’s key domestic and international markets by aligning and optimizing local opportunities (shoulder/off season is defined as October-April).
  • Develop destination-based products that are in concert with the Willamette Valley’s natural environment, support the stewardship of the state’s resources and its rich history.
  • Tie into one of WVVA’s marketing family of brands: Wine, Culture, Food, Family, Outdoors & Farm.
  • Provide strategic industry professional development and training opportunities.

Funded grant awardees and their projects

Due to COVID-19, the grant program was adjusted. Some projects were able to keep a regular completion time while others were delayed or changed to meet the need of COVID-19.

Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail

Project Title:
C2C Trail Signage/Kiosks
Grant Amount:
Total Project Costs:

Installation of wayfinding trail signage and kiosks along the soon to be completed Corvallis to Sea multi-use regional trail. This trail will connect Corvallis 60-miles to the Oregon Coast.

There is a saying: ‘there is many a slip betwixt cup and lip.’ With a large project like the C2C Trail and its small critical mass of personnel, moving from a completed trail route to one fully operational with all the necessary public interfaces is not an easy transition to complete. These funds help speed that transition.
Gary Chapman, Corvallis to Sea Trail

Key Successes:

  • Developed a workable procedure for field work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Succeeded in drilling all the metal-sign post-holes, concreting in sign bases, and installing the signs in the cured concrete, over the entire 30-miles of the route.
  • Built and installed six kiosks in a few weeks hauling 480 pounds of concrete mix, 160 pounds of water, and 240 pounds of a 10 feet x 6 feet kiosk with 6 x 5-foot roof to each of the six sites.

KPIs/Return On Investment

This information is part of a broader program that will include new maps and a revised website, both of which are in progress. To date, the limited comments received about the signs have been positive.

Albany Historic Carousel & Museum

Renovating their current basement space to expand their carousel museum exhibits to better display the carousel artifacts donated by the Dentzel family. This expanded exhibit will enhance the visitor experience for all ages.

Oregon Made Creative Foundation

Installing three Willamette Valley signs on the Oregon Film Trail to expand the Willamette Valley presence along this statewide trail. Two signs will be installed in Cottage Grove and one will be installed at Silver Falls State Park.

A contractor explains details of the Carousel Museum renovations. Behind, the partially-completed renovations can be seen.
A row of antique carousel ornaments are displayed in the newly-renovated museum space.
Renovations to the Albany Historic Carousel Museum provide an improved space for exhibits.

Downtown Corvallis Association​†

Bringing retail experts, Kizer & Bender to evaluate and educate Willamette Valley Main Street businesses have visually appealing storefronts to encourage more visitors and downtown shoppers to enter their stores.

AC Gilbert House Children’s Museum

Renovating their Inventors Yard to bring back some favorite exhibits and make the yard more ADA accessible. Grant funds will help with the exhibit/signage development of the new experience.

McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce

Creating a McKenzie River Corridor branding and wayfinding signage design plan.

In a Landscape​†

Assistance with video production and social media campaigns to increase awareness and attendance to outdoor music series from visitors outside 50-miles.

† - Initiative adjusted/in progress due to the pandemic.

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