A Willamette Valley marketing banner, showing various activities associated with the region.

Destination Rebrand and Website Launch

Budget: $80,800

In the early months of the 19-21 biennium, conversation began around the existing Willamette Valley Visitors Association branding. As a region, there was a desire to tell the bigger story and depict the full range of experiences in the Willamette Valley.

WVVA's website URL, oregonwinecountry.org, contributed to the wine focused position and although stakeholders recognize the important visitation pillar of wine, many sub-regions do not identify as wine country. This was reported in several past surveys and engagement sessions. Having wine in the logo also kept partnerships from solidifying as WVVA was not able to promote school-related activities or many things related to local tribes as many programs and events are promoted as sobriety and “wine” would interfere with that message.

To correct brand confusion with Willamette Valley Wine, WVVA wanted to become more than a wine country destination. This would allow the region to showcase all the brand pillars of the Willamette Valley to attract a much larger visitor base and increase year-round visitation and revenue for all visitor-serving businesses. WVVA will maintain and utilize the existing URL while pushing visitors to a new public facing URL: www.willamettevalley.orgOutbound link. Opens in new tab.

Beginning in November 2020, stakeholders were interviewed, and a first round of logo design was completed for review. In January 2021, brand standards were written, and the logo was finalized.

The overall goal was to rebrand the destination and focus on all the valley activities with a unified message. With one website and one brand, WVVA can increase digital spend into new territories and tactics, expanding the target markets and owning both drive and fly markets.

The old Willamette Valley logo. It reads: Willamette Valley, Oregon Wine Country.
The new Willamette Valley logo.
Before and after: The Willamette Valley brand logo.

The new Willamette Valley logo is a homage to the sweeping vistas and verdant rolling hills that sustain local communities and industries. Within the new mark, you will find easter eggs, little unexpected surprises, that further the narrative that the valley is a complete destination. The leaves above the two Ls represent the flora and fauna, the nut a nod to the region’s beloved hazelnuts and the tail of the Y embodying the area’s abundant waterways. The existing logo was not able to be used as a standalone to be inclusive of non-wine related adventures and products, always leading with the tagline Oregon Wine Country in applications. The move to allow the brand with the addition of the Oregon Wine Country call out will lead more inclusive culinary, food, and beverage focus, or without to speak to the broader experiences and include outdoor recreation, food and farm trails, all agriculture, and adventure.

Brand Story

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is one of the world’s most majestic food and wine destinations where lush, gorgeous landscape offers endless outdoor adventures. Discover back roads beckoning you to explore historic communities that welcome you with warm, genuine hospitality and invite you to share in their passion for crafting artisanal, Oregon-made products. At the heart of the valley lies the famous Willamette River surrounded by farmlands, rolling hills and towering mountains where your inner explorer will be breathless as you journey through experiences only this land can offer.

A Willamette Valley marketing banner, featuring images of various regional activities, set behind a stylized illustration of a mountain and plains.
A promotional magazine spread prominently features an image of riverside dining. A headline reads: Seat yourself in the Valley.
Marketing materials made in the new brand style.

Brand Essence

  • Rooted in Agriculture
  • Sophisticated
  • Handcrafted
  • True to the Land
  • Gutsy
  • Unpretentious
  • Connected by the River
  • Lush Landscapes
  • Adventurous
  • Natural Beauty
  • Bountiful
  • Nostalgic
  • Authentic Classy
  • Artisan
  • Inspired


The Willamette Valley’s voice is genuine, warm, and friendly with a touch of fun and quirkiness while also remaining informative, knowledgeable and passionate about the land and culture.


The Willamette Valley is confidently rooted in its land, its history, and its own good fortune. Its sweeping vistas and bountiful lands attracted thoughtful, gutsy, and fearless pioneers who welcome the curious while investing in sustainability and longevity. Thus, the valley is authentic and intimate with harmonious communities that don’t take themselves too seriously. Yet adventure weaves its way throughout, offering surprises and delights to those who seek the treasures of the valley.

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