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Eastern Oregon Consumer Website

Budget: $15,108

The intent of the Eastern Oregon branded consumer website is to convey the destination experience, inspire consumer engagement, uphold the destination brand, and fulfill destination development engagement and communications.

Another key initiative is the ability to better track traffic to the consumer site and understand visitor profiles, which will provide additional insight needed to further develop marketing programs and better leverage partner and RCTP investments. A priority of the consumer site is the integration of the Oregon Travel Information System (OTIS), to provide seamless updates to Eastern Oregon’s tourism assets and events.


The Eastern Oregon consumer website speaks to the stakeholder feedback, particularly around the need to increase destination development and support new attractions, trails, events; continue strong marketing initiatives; and to target marketing toward greater geographic coverage and lesser-known destinations. Leveraging existing content and focusing on a content creation strategy has been supplemented with brand assets to optimize the marketing of Eastern Oregon’s diverse range of products.

The key goals of the consumer website are to:

  • Build awareness and knowledge of the region through compelling design and brand identity.
  • Offer robust information through content storytelling and suggested itineraries on outdoor recreation and the primary destination pillars.
  • Inspire people to plan an overnight or multi-night stay.
  • Facilitate visitors’ planning process utilizing maps and trip planning tools.
  • Increase links and website connection to tourism partners through the DMO partner websites.
  • Provide timely and relevant information through a platform that can be updated by staff.
  • Build site visits, increase time on site and clicks to stakeholders.
  • Allow users to filter content by theme or by area.
  • Build for responsive and adaptive design for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


The Eastern Oregon consumer website launched in May 2021, and in the few short months that it has been live:

  • 1,900 uses, with 54% referrals/15% through organic search.
  • Between May 17 and July 19, 102 users visited the “Request a Copy” page, with 65 visitor guide requests processed. Requests primarily came from Oregon and Washington, with additional requests from Idaho, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah, Florida, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.
  • Currently have 85 articles on the website.
  • Over 1300 Oregon Tourism Information System (OTIS) integrations.
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