Eastern Oregon :

Photography Catalogue

To encapsulate the diverse and vast region of Eastern Oregon, EOVA worked with photographer Joni Kabana to build and develop a photography catalogue system that represents the four sub-regions of eastern Oregon:From juniper-covered deserts to snow-capped mountains, dotted with lakes, hot springs, rivers and falls, where every destination is a unique experience.

The photography catalogue system is an online database of easily accessible photos for a variety of marketing opportunities to increase destination development and support new attractions, trails, and events; continue strong marketing initiatives; and target marketing toward greater geographic coverage and lesser known destinations. The photography catalogue system will be a growing database for future photographs.

Image of a farmhouse, standing alone in a golden field of wheat.


Having an established photography catalogue system that represents the four sub-regions with high quality, print ready images will assist with paid media opportunities to raise the awareness and inspire overnight travel to Eastern Oregon. As identified from stakeholder feedback, having a photography catalogue system will help increase product development and to grow year-round tourism.


A photography catalogue system that represents the culture, heritage, and agritourism of the four sub-regions.

Two men in a friendly embrace, each wearing beaded garb typically associated with indigenous peoples.
A lone motorcyclist riding down an empty highway—flanked on either side by rolling hills of golden grass.

Moving Forward

Having a photography catalogue system will assist with future marketing efforts to increase the awareness of Eastern Oregon through paid media campaigns, and utilize print, digital and social media-relevant images to target audience and inspire more overnight travel throughout the region.

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